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All packges contains harddisk space.

Different types of backups are taken according to the hosting plan

For shared hosting plans downloadable database backup for previous 2 days are available via link you receive in credentials email

For dedicated hosting plans database level backups are provided on same server for user provided schemas, also there is option for daily, weekly and monthly system backups from which you can choose from

Currently all of our servers are running Oracle Database Express Edition 21c

Servers support Oracle Apex 23.2

If you take dedicated hosting plan then all of the standard packages are available, however with shared hosting not all plans provide harddisk space hence no usability of utl_file or any packages which requires to store files

Yes, you need to add CNAME record with value you receive in account successfull creation notification email after purchase of service
After uploading record generate ticket and support team will guide you further

We do not provide any test enviornment now , but we do provide 7 days money back guarantee for Services ( SSL and jasper fees are non-refundable )

It takes between 1 to 8 hours depending on the package you ordered.

Yes, you can export your data and application anytime.

You can create your apex applications in all packages, however Dedicated Packages provides access to Internal workspace as well which gives you management control over your workspaces.

Apex-SH3 , Apex-SH4 & Dedicated Hosting Packages have support for php

Currently we have servers in Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Netherland and Japan

Currently we support payment through Paypal and Credit Card.

Billing is done monthly, quarterly whichever you choose, however billing plan cannot be changed from quarterly to monthly or vice versa.

You can add funds to your account from Clients Area > Billing > Add Funds , to automate payments of your bills.

* All deposits are non-refundable

Yes, we provide 5% discount on quarterly payment.

Yes you can use SQL Developer etc to connect to your schema.

Yes you can , however the scheduled job must not have adverse effects on Server’s performance.

It can be between 1 hour to 8 hours depending on the package you purchased.

If your hosting plan is eligible for free domain and you have not registered new domain you will get Promo code in email , use that to register free domain , for more detail check this knowledge base article

For Dedicated Hosting Packages we take whole server backup on daily basis. As well as you can generate ticket for a particular database backup schedule which will be available in your harddisk space

For Shared Hosting Packages two days database backup is available to be downloaded via seperate link which you receive in credentials email after registration for the package